Souphattra Heritage Vientiane
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Souphattra Heritage Vientiane

‘Standing out inconspicuously, graceful in its modesty’ The architectural design of Souphattra Heritage Vientiane still retains the vibe of the unique colonial style combined with modern elegance. In every detail of the decoration telling stories connecting the history of Laos. To share stories from various aspects that will create a memorable vacation experience.

Souphattra Presidential


Souphattra Heritage Vientiane, We provide luxurious stay with an ​authentic cultural experience. Through ​contemporary design, we effortlessly ​merge the sophistication of modern luxury ​with the essence of our fascinating heritage


Every details, tell the stories of Laos. At the location near the main cultural sites In the heart of the capital. Souphattra Heritage ​endeavors to provide distinguished guests with an immersive journey into the essence of Lao ​culture. Therefore, inserting various stories into every detail. From interior decorations to ​various dishes Invite everyone to enjoy the story until completely satisfied throughout the ​duration of your stay.

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Traveling around the ​architecture of Souphattra ​Heritage Vientiane that combines colonial style ​design with a modern and ​luxurious style perfectly


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