Souphattra Hotel Luang Prabang

Sustainability Policy

Souphattra Hotel is committed to environmental and social sustainability and to creating a positive impact in all aspects of our business. We take this responsibility seriously, and our intention is reflected in how we work and engage with our guests, our team, our business partners and our local community.

Souphattra Hotel’s Sustainability Policy is crafted in partnership with Travel Life, a platform that supports sustainability within the hotel, travel and tourism sectors.  Our policies are intended to honour and protect the environment, Lao culture and human rights.  Together with Travel Life, we have created guidelines for creating a positive impact on Luang Prabang and northern Laos’ natural and human communities.

We work proactively to minimise our environmental footprint, from reducing waste to conserving energy across all our operations. Additionally, we uphold our commitment to protecting labour and human rights by paying a fair living wage and hiring within the community.

Our Sustainability Policy is dynamic. It takes into account Luang Prabang’s developing travel and tourism sector. As we grow and broaden our horizons, we continue to take inventory of our footprint and keep positive solutions at the forefront of our work.


  • Regularly recording and monitoring the amount of energy and water we use, as well as the waste we produce
  • Setting objectives and targets, measuring progress and reporting our achievements. We aim to reduce our carbon emission and water consumption by 10% before the end of December 2023
  • Installing low energy lighting throughout our property
  • Installing flow restrictors on all taps
  • Putting information in guest rooms about how to conserve energy, water and how to recycle their waste
  • Sourcing more sustainable products to replace single-use plastic items
  • To separate our waste and recycle when possible
  • To separate food waste, reuse and compost it when possible

Human Rights and Labour Practices

  • Respecting our employees and their culture, traditions and intellectual property rights
  • Treating our employees equal, regardless of their age, disability, nationality, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender reassignment in all aspects of the business (including but not restricted to recruitment, general employment, training and promotion)
  • We have handbook for the employees to make sure that they understand the hotel policies
  • Ongoing training and professional development for all our employees
  • Training our employees on our sustainability policies so they understand and are actively involved in the achievement of our objectives and targets.

Local Community

  • Employing people from local community wherever possible.
  • Purchasing goods and services from local suppliers, wherever possible
  • Encouraging our employees to volunteer for activities organized by the local community
  • Making regular donations to local environmental or humanitarian charities and encourage our guests to support them too
  • Protecting children from all form of abuse and exploitation, ensuring our staff are trained so they know what to do if they suspect a child is at risk, in or near our property
  • Maintaining a close relationship with our local community, ensuring that issues of their concern are discussed and resolved

Quality Assurance

  • We have procedures in place to ensure we are monitoring guests and staff feedback and making any necessary changes to our business as a result of that feedback

Health and Safety

  • Full compliance with relevant legal requirements
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment and elimination of conditions that could result in activities with non-negligible probability of adverse effects
  • Continuous training, development and evaluation of the adequacy of staff in the use of machinery and equipment, use of chemicals and manual handling and continuous awareness of health and safety at work

Souphattra Hotel is honoured to be part of the UNESCO Luang Prabang community. Laos’ former royal capital, Luang Prabang is also the country’s cultural capital and reflects our country’s diverse and rich ethnic communities. We proudly honour and protect our community’s spiritual and cultural traditions and intellectual property rights.